How It Works

How does Bike Nation work?

Bike sharing is designed for short commutes and errands where users check out, ride, and return bikes from kiosks located in key areas. Before using Bike Nation you must purchase a pass or membership. Passes allow short-term access to use the system while memberships give you longer-term access to use the system (read more about about passes and memberships here).

For example: A 1-day pass allows you to check out, ride, and return bikes multiple times during a 24-hour period (as many times as you’d like, in fact). This pass, however, does not entitle you to check out a single bike for 24-hours - that is NOT bike sharing.

Once registered, Bike Nation is simple!

  • Locate the Bike Nation station nearest you using our website, or station maps. If you are a casual Bike Nation member, insert your credit or debit card at any kiosk and pick your desired bike. If you are an annual Bike Nation member simply tap the Bike Nation Membership Card at the dock with an available bicycle. When the green light flashes, pull the handlebars firmly toward you to release the bicycle.
  • Ride to class, commute to work, get some exercise or just explore! The first 30 minutes of ALL Bike Nation trips are at no cost!
  • Once you’ve reached your destination or have finished riding you can return the bike at ANY station in the system. Just push the bike in the dock, wait for the light to turn green, and you’re good to go!

How do I return the bike I’ve checked out?

You can return your bike to any station in the system. Choose an empty space and push your bike firmly into the dock, when the bike is properly locked, the green light on the dock will turn on. Make sure the green light turns on.

A bike that is not properly returned remains your responsibility.

If you have trouble locking your bicycle, try another dock, or call Customer Service.

What if I need to return a bike and a station is full?

The Bike Nation team does their best to keep bikes evenly balanced throughout the system, but during local events, and peak hour traffic stations sometimes fill up quicker than we can rebalance. If you have a bike checked out and there are no empty docks at the station near your destination, you can simply go to the kiosk and use the station map on the kiosk to determine the nearest station with empty docks.

What if a bike I have checked out has a problem?

There is a customer service number on the frame beneath the basket; if you experience a problem please call us immediately. If you can dock your bike at a station, please do so. Never abandon a defective bicycle; it remains your responsibility until it is properly returned.

Are Bike Nation bikes available for long-term rentals?

A 1-day pass does not mean you may take possession of a single bike for 24 hours; you will still be subject to usage fees after the first 30 minutes. The same applies to 3-day and 7-day passes.

Bike Nation is designed for short commutes and errands. If you would like to rent a bicycle for an extended period of time we recommend that you use a local bicycle rental service. Having a single bike checked out for very lengthy periods of time is NOT bike sharing.