Safety Tips

Bike Nation is dedicated to your safety; we have designed our equipment to ensure a safe quick trip every time.

  • Active front, rear and side LED lighting
  • Retro-reflective powder coated components
  • Easily adjustable seat height
  • Step-thru frame for ease of use and low center of gravity

The Bike Nation bicycle utilizes airless tires and a chainless shaft-driven drivetrain to provide the most reliable bicycle! However, it’s never a bad idea to perform a quick
3-point safety check of your own.

  • Wheels: Spin both the front and rear wheels to ensure that they are straight and aren’t rubbing on the frame or fenders.
  • Gears: Turn the grip shifter to make sure the bicycle shifts into each of the gears properly.
  • Brakes: Check that both brakes are functional by spinning the wheel and then squeezing the lever.

Obviously having a safe bicycle is an important step in safe cycling, however there are a few other simple steps that you can take to avoid accidents and injuries.

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Obey traffic signs and lights
  • Ride with traffic and avoid sidewalks
  • Communicate with motorists and pedestrians with hand signals
  • Ride in a straight line, away from car doors
  • Always wear a helmet!

Bike Nation does not provide helmets to systems users; it is neither sanitary nor practical. However, we do strongly encourage the use of a helmet for every subscriber.

Bicycle lanes, trails, and suggested routes are popping up everywhere. Take advantage of how bicycle-friendly Southern California has become by checking out a Bike Nation bicycle for a nice ride!

Wear a helmet. Ride predictably.